My name is John Bourscheid. I’m an avid explorer, and the owner of Killer Urbex. I will be your guide to the incredible and dangerous world of urban exploration, often shortened to “urbex”.

This resource was created after I had trouble finding interesting abandoned places near me. My goal is to assist urban explorers in finding new locations. I do this in a clean and minimal format, while also promoting safe, ethical urban exploration.

This is done without divulging exact locations of these abandoned places. Think of Killer Urbex as a resource for what can be found, instead of directions for exactly how to get there.

urban exploration abandoned mansion
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Our Recommendations

Whether you are new to urban exploration or an urbex veteran, I’ve found that it is always best to first see what abandoned places there are near you. Few legitimate, updated resources exist online for this. You’re currently on one of them.

Top Locations In All 50 States

Visit my Locations By State page for the most comprehensive state-by-state listing of abandoned spots online. I provide a location history, current status, and clues for how to find each of the almost 1,000 individual abandoned places reviewed.

Specific Location Categories

For more specific overviews of different types of abandoned places, check out the following guides for urban exploration locations, pointers, and recommendations:

urbex dead mall
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Gear Guides and Other Resources

It’s important to equip yourself with the right gear. I have a list of recommended gear guides here. These come with full reviews and testing protocols. Additionally, I have recommended tours, YouTube channels, and documentaries to broaden your horizons.

Finally, there are ample additional resources and guides available on Killer Urbex. Just scratching the surface, I suggest:

Final Thoughts on Urban Exploration

However you decide to navigate Killer Urbex, keep in mind the most important thing when it comes to exploring abandoned places in your adventures:

Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints.

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