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I’m your guide, John. This resource was made after having trouble locating interesting spots to explore in my local area. My goal was to assist explorers in finding new spots to visit, while also promoting safe and ethical urban exploration, and not divulging the specific location of these places. Think of this as a resource for what is out there, instead of a map for how to get there.

Avoid Trouble With The Law

Even the most seasoned urbexers run the risk of being caught trespassing. What happens if you do? In this guide, we help you with next moves.

Keep Your Lungs Safe

There are hazardous places you come across while exploring. At times, the best respirator is more than an overused photoshoot accessory.

Become A Roller Coaster Tycoon

For urban explorers, the only thing more thrilling than a theme park is an abandoned theme park. Here, we look at the best in the US.

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Top 25 Spots For 2022

Many urban exploration locations are endangered by either vandals, nature, decay, or demolition.

Here is Killer Urbex’s list of the top 25 abandoned places in the United States you need to have on your bucket list. Because there is no telling if they’ll still be around in 2023.

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