Welcome to Killer Urbex. While getting into the urban exploration scene several years ago, the website owner found the available resources for those looking to get started or hone their craft fell into one of three camps:

  1. Extremely vague as it relates to what information is provided, simply because of the age-old adage that urban explorers don’t share their locations as to not spoil it. Also falling into this camp are those websites that are nothing more than photosets of locations that likely don’t exist any more. There is nothing wrong with that, but to claim one’s site as a resource is a far cry from actuality.
  2. Ridiculously outdated. There are an impressive number of urbex-associated websites and resources that had their heyday in the early-to-late 2000’s. Think Infiltration and UER. While many have their reasons for the slowdown over the past 10 or so years (heck, the owner of Infiltration passed away in 2005), the current state of urbex in the online world is sequestered to occasional updates to UER and photos posted in relevant subreddits.
  3. Unhelpful and too sales-focused. Some websites simply have provided bad advice under the guise of selling products and earning commissions on the sly. Yes, we are Amazon affiliates here at Killer Urbex. However, we aren’t trying to be sneaky about it. We also like to think that we offer some impressive and up-to-date resources as well.

What We Stand For/Our Commandments

Killer Urbex follows the below set of rules or commandments as it relates to the content we post:

  1. If we post an image that isn’t a standard, eye-catching stock photo downloaded from a site such as Shutterstock, we provide attribution to the photographer.
  2. We try to provide as many external resources as possible to assist those whose research expands well past what Killer Urbex has to offer.
  3. We aren’t going to spam product recommendations to you without doing our own due diligence and deep research/product testing ourselves. If we wouldn’t explore with a product, we wouldn’t recommend it to you, period.
  4. We don’t give out exact locations for spots. If you’re looking for great abandoned spots near you, we have several guides to some of the most popular cities in the country, as well as many deep dives into the best abandoned locations in many states around the country. However, don’t expect coordinates or turn by turn directions for getting to locations. Half the fun is in the research, anyway.

About Our Founder